Course of skills of investigation and inquiry of administrative corruption cases


It is not easy for an enterprise to fight corruption in its different forms for several reasons, including absence of experiences in areas of investigation and inquiry, which are already within a science different from the management science. The British Academy for Training and Development provides a golden opportunity through its experience in this field for those individuals who are interested in overcoming the administrative and financial corruption dilemma, as this program provides the opportunity for the participant to identify corruption in governmental or private enterprise with its kinds, reasons and effects, in addition to understanding governance and its relation to transparency and ways of misappropriations and financial fraud and developing the participants skills on how to detect them, also the participant has the opportunity to acquire the skill of forgery detection in the different administrative transactions and identifying manifestations of poor acquisition and use of governmental resources.

Objectives and target group

Training Course objectives

  • This program aims to identify the concept and reasons of administrative corruption and its negative effects in State enterprises and companies and on economy in general, and formulation of possible and future solutions to deal with this dangerous phenomena and undertaking comprehensive reforms in State enterprises and companies, leading to the support of the financial center to enterprises and companies.
  • Introducing the trainees with the system of activation of response plans strategies in fighting administrative and financial corruption and addressing its causes and origins.
  • Increasing the capacity of participants on how to detect the indicators of administrative and financial corruption and public funds waste and how to reach the implementation of preventive control systems.
  • Investigation and inquiry capacity development in administrative corruption cases among participants in the program.

Course target audience:

  • Administrations, personnel and governmental and private enterprises staff who are working in quality and audit sectors.
  • Leaderships and personnel of control and inspection administrations and actions of planning and follow up in enterprises and companies and candidates for those positions.

Course Content

First Part

  • Corruption with a general focus
  • Definition of administrative and financial corruption
  • Kinds of administrative and financial corruption in terms of magnitude
  • Kinds of administrative and financial corruption in terms of prevalence
  • Reasons and effects of corruption
  • Manifestations of corruption
  • Forms of administrative corruption
  • Elements of administrative and financial corruption crime
  • Element of illegality as an administrative corruption element
  • Physical element
  • Mental element
  • Forms and mechanisms of financial corruption
  • Criminal outcome for the action
  • Causal relationship between action and result

Second Part

  • Criminal Intent
  • Possibility of prevalence of administrative corruption
  • Cases of administrative corruption
  • Impact and implications of administrative corruption
  • Possible solutions to combat administrative corruption
  • Some quarters which search for fighting administrative corruption
  • Concepts related to corruption phenomena

 Third Part

  • Mechanisms of fighting administrative corruption
  • Procedures founded to fight corruption
  • Competent departments in the enterprise for investigation of administrative corruption cases
  • Power and responsibilities of internal oversight and fighting corruption service
  • Modern mechanisms in formation of investigation committees of administrative corruption cases.
  • Investigator skills in administrative corruption
  • Investigation and its mechanisms in administrative corruption cases
  • Writing the investigation report of administrative corruption cases

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Course Cost

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£3800 / Member

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£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2470 / Member

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