The British Academy for Training and Development presents this course in (Direction of Documentaries) for amateur and professional documentary filmmakers, in terms of photography, direction, and presentation, in order to acquire a wide range of skills in Creation of succesful and comprehensive Documentary Films.

Documentary films have emerged as a concpet in the first quarter of the 20th century, where the movies whose idea is extracted from history, reality, and science were called documentaries. Movies in general are series of still images shown on the screen in specific sequence, therefore creating effective animations with great influence on human eyes and minds, movies are produced through a process known as Camera Shooting along with other animation techniques, while Animation is a simulation of visual perspectives in order to convey ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings and above all; beauty.

Animation is an art that transforms a silent image into a movement full of life. It releases the human aspects of the product, and presents them in a more meaningful and entertaining way to the target audience. We teach the trainers how to transform the required message into a story, and then present this story in a fun and easy video format. We introduce the production of animated videos for various types of audience. When it comes to producing animation videos, you may be surprised at the amount of work required and the number of artists who are performing the video or Advertise until you see it on the screen. The forms of animation vary from 2D drawings that are manually executed to 3D computer graphics or even clay films and many more methods of animations.

Objectives and target group

  • Directors and owners  of TV Stations.
  • Production Managers of TV shows and informative documentary films.
  • Directors working in the Documentary Industry
  • All individuals looking forward to join the Documentaries Sector.
  • Students of Media Departments in different universities.

How will participants benefit from the course?

After completing the program, participants will be able to learn:

  • Rules and basic principles ofDocumentary Direction. 
  • Gaining more experience in Documentary Filmmaking.
  • Documentary Filmmaking using the latest technologies and state of the art technical tools.
  • Choose the proper locations for shooting.
  • Production of special documentaries.
  • Creation of Animation and Special effects.
  • Principles of Animation.
  • Particle systems, vacuum distortion, and simulation.

Course Content

  • Skills and qualities of documentary filmmaking.
  • Special skills of TV documentary filmmaking.
  • Skills of selecting proper sound effects suitable for documentaries.
  • Method of light distribution and the right selection of angles for photography.
  • Skills of making successful documentary and completing directing elements.
  • Documentary Films: Definition and Historical Evolution.
  • Types of Documentaries.
  • Social Documentaries and their importance.
  • Political Documentary Films and methods of implementation.
  • Usage of the Best Technological Equipment in the production of Documentaries.
  • Modeling and Image-based Graphic Enhancement.
  • Graphic resampling and lighting (Bipolar Reflective Distribution, and Subsurface Scattering).
  • Creation of shading, hair and fur effects.
  • Procedural modeling of buildings and cities.
  • Editing of animation, details and classification.
  • Physical control of motion.
  • Improved animation styles.
  • Simulation of clothing and costumes.
  • Crowds Simulation.

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Course Cost

Note / Price varies according to the selected city

Members NO. : 1
£2900 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£2320 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£1885 / Member

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