Course in strategic skills of Public Relations


Public relations have authority over corporate social responsibility through the Cases Management Function and responsibility for corporate reputation, which necessarily means helping to change organizations to achieve new sustainability agendas. Public relations contribute to the effectiveness of organizations by improving organizational relationships, facilitating public talks and discussion. This course offered by the British Academy for Training and Development helps students develop an important assessment of the role of Public Relations in the community and the development of analytical and professional skills.

Objectives and target group

This course is provided by the British Academy of Training and Development for those who hold high positions and aspire for further excellence and innovation:

  • Senior Public Relations Managers, Communications Managers, Agency Account Managers, and Government Communications Managers are also recommended.
  • People who are interested in managing public relations and institutional reputation.
  • Brand managers and people interested in trademarks.
  • Staff engaged in marketing and corporate communications.
  • Communication staff in non-governmental organizations and the public sector.
  • Persons involved in brand communications in the private sector.
  • People involved in service industries such as hotels, banks and retail.
  • Persons undergoing retraining or undergoing a transitional functional stage.
  • Persons who are reclassifying or activating the company's brand.

How will participants benefit from the course?

After completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • Developing complex and sophisticated communications strategies.
  • Determining how and when to engage in politics and the legislative process.
  • Handling media strategically at the senior editor's level.
  • Analyzing the roles and functions of the ideal communications department.
  • Developing policies, procedures, materials and resources to facilitate the efficient operation of your communications department.
  • Developing crisis messages and preparing tactics for rapid and critical response.
  • Working confidently with journalists and Online Social Media.
  • Representing your institution effectively even in the most difficult interviews.

Course Content

 Course content:

  • Strategic Planning for Public Relations.
  • Public Relations and Public Communication: Theories and Contexts.
  • Media relations.
  • PR Framework.
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation.
  • Public Relations and Digital Media.
  • PR strategy for tourism and communication management.

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Course Cost

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