Course of tackling and detection of forgery and fraud in financial transactions


Britain set a great example like Sweden in fighting fraud within private enterprises even the governmental ones, as Britain is considered to be one of the most transparent countries in this regard.

 For that, and according to the experience of our crews, the British Academy for Training and Development offers this program in cooperation with the Swedish network for management development, this program is considered to be one of the most important recent programs for fighting financial and administrative corruption and what is including from fraud and forgery lead to significant harm to the image and reputation of enterprises, so there must be verification that the applicable financial systems and transactions of the quarters subject to control whether manual or electronic are based on a proper financial system in terms of registration, enrollment, book-keeping, record-keeping and financial statements and in accordance with financial policies and audit and account standards for each.

Objectives and target group

Training Course objectives

The course aims to inform the participant about recent international audit standards and their relationship with con and fraud. The course includes also identification of planning and audit management in addition to studying risks of audit, examination and scrutinizing paperwork, legal and financial documents, analytical procedures and documentation.

The participant gets benefit from this program by identifying:

  • Acquiring skills of fraud detection and reaching the knowledge of transparency standards.
  • Skills, methods and information needed to apply the standards of international audit in a practical and effective way.
  • Information and skills needed to write reports efficiently and effectively according to standards of international audit and forgery detection.
  • The participant will identify the latest developments on standards of international audit. Examining contracts and agreements to verify that they have been done in the limits of budget allocation.
  • Controlling funds of the quarters subject to control, whether those funds are owned by them or allocated for the commencement of their activity or transferred to them from any other quarter.
  • Checking about dissolution or integration or separation any of the quarters that are subject to department control, this is to verify the validity and safety of the financial and legal centers in the date of conducting those processes.

Course target audience:

  • Control officials who carry out financial and administrative control on State enterprises and private sector, in addition to leaderships and staff of control and inspection administrations and planning and follow-up in enterprises and companies and the candidates for those jobs. People dealing with global companies who cooperate with other countries in corruption cases.

Course Content

The training course includes:

  • Fraud and auditor report based on the international audit standards
  • Fraud and fault based on the international audit standard no. 240
  • Kinds of fraud and faults
  • Estimating risks arising from fraud or fault on the part of the audit
  • Recent methods used to increase the capacity of auditors for faults and fraud detection
  • Extent of responsibility of the administration and auditor to prevent and detect fraud or fault
  • The auditor report about the financial statements based on the international audit standard no. 700
  • Most important contents in the internal auditor report.
  • Quarters benefiting from auditing reports.

Important requirements:

  • Requirements of codes of professional conduct in auditing
  • Professional uncertainty and judgment and sufficient suitable evidence for auditing and auditing risks.
  • Auditing according to international accounting standards
  • Commitment to applying the international audit standards that are suitable for audit process
  • Achieving the objectives stated in each of the criteria and compliance with relevant requirements in the case of not achieving a certain objective.

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Course Cost

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Members NO. : 1
£3800 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
£3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
£2470 / Member

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