The course of modern methods to raise the efficiency of the performance of the accountant and financial controller


Good organizational performance and organizational and collective work for the entire company, as well as customer satisfaction and quality in the product or service, all of these concepts can not be effectively translated or touched except through the physical inventory and final budget collected by the company that clearly indicate the effectiveness and role of current administrative policy or the current trend in large companies is to gain a massive experience and qualifications that can control and compile all financial transactions and the study and audit of financial statements issued by the accounting department of the company, special skills and methods of the GTI duration in the finest companies in how to effectively exercise the role of financial control.

The company's entire business Orientation and policy is recently Based on Reports Issued by the financial oversight committees Administrative and financial performance the administrative and financial control functions and therefore the administrative and financial oversight functions they have very delicate tasks Related to the evaluation of the company's activity and business and directing them continuously in order to improve the financial and administrative level of the company and access to a high-level of performance, Within the course of the Academy will be launched and discussed several directions in how to develop accounting systems and develop the role of financial control and methods of evaluating management performance.

The aim of the course is to introduce the participants to the procurement activities in the warehouses and to identify the modern methods in the management of stores and apply the latest methods in inventory control. It aims to develop the skills of the participants in the internal planning processes of the stores with a review of problems and ways to address them, And the development of policies and methods for the disposal of goods and stagnant materials in the warehouses of institutions and organizations.

There is no doubt that the preliminary study of law, legal procedures, and contracting & bidding conditions, is substantial for modern students of law, since legal studies, are like other sciences, since they all have their own specific technical terms. With the progress of business nature & implications, and the vast development thereof, the emergence of official legal authorities, and the change occurred on the organizational concepts at the level of countries and institutions, in addition to the ongoing changes in the volume of business and the ongoing changes, there emerged the urgent need to have the regulation over the first business engine of any economy around the world, which is  procurement and bidding process, in order to ensure that neither party –employer or contractor- is in breach of the agreed terms & conditions. Hence, a wide variety of legislations and laws have been put in place to regulate the business process in terms of contractual and bidding duties and rights, to keep interests of both parties. Contracting Agreements passes through various stages, including the pilot phase through which ensure abilities possessed by contractors, as well as to ensure integrity of the work environment, and the second stage is the stage of confirmation.


Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development offers a course of modern methods to improve the efficiency of the performance of the accountant and financial controller to anyone who wants to learn and know the latest international approaches in the fields control and accounting.

Target group of attend the modern methods to raise the efficiency of the performance of the accountant and financial controller:

  • Directors and owners of governmental and private establishments.
  • Managers of accounting offices in modern companies.
  • Directors and owners of financial review and counting audit offices.
  • Managers of internal audit offices.
  • All employees in the field of financial control within government and private companies.
  • All students seeking to develop their abilities in the financial return and control of the company’s accounts.

How participants will benefit from attending the modern methods course to improve the performance of the accountant and financial controller:

At the end of the course, the participants will know:

  • Increase their financial management capabilities in the accounts of the company.
  • Avoid risks associated with wrong management policy.
  • The recent trend in raising the role and level of workers in financial control.
  • Advanced approaches in accounting and financial control.
  • Preparation and qualification of internal auditors to receive jobs in the largest companies.

Course Content

  • Academic content of the course:
  • Skills for recent trends in internal financial auditing.
  • Skills of detecting errors and counterfeiting in financial transactions.
  • Skills of detecting errors in the company’s financial policy through internal audits.
  • Skills of Bookkeeping and audit of final accounting statements.
  • Skills of saving and recording the accounting data using sophisticated accounting software.
  • Modern trends in raising the performance and role of the financial oversight offices.
  • The skills, fundamentals and applications of contemporary internal audit in modern companies.
  • Global internal audit methods CIA and the most important skills required to have an exemplary performance in internal control.
  • Skills to activate the role of the financial oversight committees and the final audit of the company.
  • Skills to spare the company the risks of administrative and financial behaviors by issuing data about the actual results and the status of the company.
  • Legal Provisions: Definition, Interpretation, and Importance thereof.
  • Origins of Legal Interpretation.
  • Writing contract   specifications   and   procurement   processes   and analyzing the same.
  • The legal importance of contractual specifications, and their relation to the process "Invitation to tender".
  • The doubtful and deficient descriptive specifications.
  • Different types of specifications and the related risks.
  • The impact of language on the meanings of contractual articles and legal conditions.
  • Applications and Examples in Writing Legal Memos.
  • Skills and Methods of Lawsuit Legal Drafting for legal purposes.
  • Stages and Mechanisms for preparation of Legal Advice.
  • Extensive study of legal sciences.
  • Contract preparation and conclusion skills.
  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution skills.
  • Persuasion & Negotiation skills.
  • Formulation of Documents, Memos, Statements, and Legal Memoranda of various types.

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Course Cost

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