Comprehensive Photography (Practical Training)


The British Academy for Training and Development, with its branches in London and around the world, presents this outstanding training program by a group of experts and consultants around the world.

Professional photography means the ability of the photographer to combine a set of ideas and techniques to obtain a perfect image, which is different from what others imagine, by being able to choose the right angle for photography with appropriate framing and configuration, in addition to the usage of a lens capable of high precision in different types of photography, with great emphasis on the right moment to capture the picture, where exactly the wisdom of professional photographer lies.

The great variation in life styles and the tremendous developments in many aspects of life have led to serious endeavor to create one of the most important tools used nowadays in different sectors. Computer was invented, and then the direct access to the Internet has become more basic in average everyday human life, technology and civilization in particular, were the life styles modern people have chosen to live, and capture, document, and preserve the most vivid moments in their lives, were cameras are becoming mainstream equipment in our modern life, in various forms and colors and types.

Importance of the course:

This course is a purely practical course in which trainees acquire a unique and rare experience and are trained by international experts working in the world's leading media agencies. Participants will receive field training through this training course.

Objectives and target group

The objective of this course is to provide trainees with knowledge about the theoretical practices and concepts of photographic creativity, from an overview of  contemporary crerative photographers, in turn, providing tools to promote professional and personal projection in the world of art and photography.

Target group:

  • Photographers who wishing to have a unique and international expertise that elevates their professional and practical competences.
  • People interested in photography, and amateur Photographers.
  • Directors of TV Production Establishments.
  • Photographers wishing to launch their career in the Media.
  • Students of Media Departments in universities.
  • Government spokespersons.


Course Content

1 – Proper dealing methods and strategies with the camera.

2 – Usage of appropriate lenses.

3 – Master and Identification of all types of photography.

4 –Learning about the Latest International Photographic Techniques.

5 – Camera Tripod.

6 – Angles of photography.

7- Approach and dimensions.

8- Manual and Automatic focus.

9 – Practical training: includes field training in more than one media event.

10 – Illumination of lighting in photography.

11 – Types of cameras and the identification of different settings.

12 – Maintenance and cleaning of camera and lens.

13- Editing and processing of images.

14-ISO settings in the camera.

15- Shutter speed.

16 – Aperture lens or F symbol.

17- Camera sensitivity or ISO.

18- Ethics of photography and code of conduct.

19- Photography sessions.

20- Management of Exhibitions, conferences, workshops and official meetings.

21 How to highlight the achievements of the institution or company through appropriate images.

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Course Cost

Note / Price varies according to the selected city

Members NO. : 1
$3800 / Member

Members NO. : 2 - 3
$3040 / Member

Members NO. : + 3
$2660 / Member

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