Course in General Budget, Methods of Preparation and Creation of related Financial Reports


Providing the trainees with the basic methods to help in creating financial reports and the methods of presenting them completely and effectively.

Objectives and target group

This Course is Provided for:

Accountants and any person interested in the financial affairs of all positions and ranks.

Course Content

Accounting systems of the governmental economic authorities and general authorities.

Traditional and developed systems of financial control; both effectively and efficiently.

Accounting business findings inside the government and the general economy institutions.

Administrative facilities.

Top management ranks.

National accountant.

Stages we go through when preparing and presenting financial reports:

Input Stage.

Operation Stage.

Output Stage.

Introducing the accounting systems outputs in the government facilities and general authorities.

Principles of Report Preparation and Presentation:


Generalization and Non-Specification.

Report Presentation Methods:

  • Digital presentation method.
  • Diagrammatic presentation method.
  • Using "Z" method.
  • Developing applications on computer and workshops.
  • Skills of report preparation and presentation in order to develop plans and general budgets.
  • Current budgets for materials and utilization.
  • Capital budgets.
  • Problems occurring while general project and their feasibility are explored and assessed.
  • Skills to prepare and present the report for follow ups and financial control issues.
  • Treasuries and stores control.
  • Disbursements control.
  • Procurement supervision and control of permanent or interim loans, custodies and trusts.
  • Skills of report preparation and presentation in order to assess the competencies inside the government facilities and the general economy authorities.
  • Main definitions of disbursement economics and costing.
  • Problems we encounter while preparing and presenting reports.
  • Workshop
  • Copies of reports already prepared inside the government facilities and general economy authorities.
  • Skills of auditing the accounts statements of the government facilities and general economy authorities.
  • Programs for expenses and revenues statements inside the government facilities and general economy authorities, as well as assets and liabilities items' statements programs.
  • Skills of auditing the accounts statements of the government facilities and general economy authorities.

Main pillars of the General Budget 
1- It is a future plan for the coming periods of time.
2- The budget is not a goal, it's rather a tool and translation of the plans and objectives that the Management seeks to reach, through the interpretation of objectives into financial and quantitative figures.

Main objectives of the General Budget
1- Planning.
2 - Controlling over the implementation of operations.
3- Evaluating performance and granting incentives.
4- Facilitation of communication and coordination between different departments
5 - Distribution of available resources on different sections, as needed.

  • Types of Budgets 
    1- Strategic, tactical and operational budgets to achieve infrastructure and superstructure.
    2- Short-, medium- and long-term budgets
    Short-term plans (weeks, months)
    Medium-term plans of 1-3 years
    Long-term plans of 3-5 years

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