This course provided by the British Academy for Training and Development focuses on how organizations communicate and develop relationships with Internal and External Stakeholders who help to enhance the organizational operations, by balancing the needs of corporate stakeholders. This course also examines the relationships that PR Management needs to maintain in order to achieve effective performance.

Strategic Communication is a comprehensive concept that includes many aspects such as Organizational Communication, and Awareness Campaigns. Strategic Communication will guide the organization for the best methods of PR Strategic practices. Therefore, the emergence of Strategic Communication Framework inside the establishment would set out the proper parameters of relationships with Internal and External Stakeholders

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development provides this course for professionals working in the fields of Media and Public Relations, officials in Business and Governmental sectors, and relevant Administrative Bodies.

How will participants benefit from the course?

After completion of the course, trainees will be able to master the following:

  • Proper understanding and application of organizational theories, and identifying factors that affect interpersonal communication within the management framework.
  • Implementation of Diagnostic tools, such as Communication Audit for accurate evaluation of the Corporate Communications Integrity.
  • Preparation of a communication plan, in order to establish and enhance and maintain Corporate Reputation.
  • Proper Planning and management of Communication Change Strategy.
  • Developing frameworks to strengthen relationships with key internal stakeholders.
  • Analyzing the Governmental Legislative and Supervisory role, and the Lobbying process.

Course Content

  • Communications and Government Bodies in unstable environment. System Theory, Complexity and Chaos Theories.
  • Factors affecting the nature of organizational communication, including the changing technological environment and management, and current affairs in organizational communication.
  • Develop PR Strategy, Organizational Diagnostic Techniques "ODT", and conduct Communications Control to develop plans that support the strategic planning process.
  • How the PR Plan supports the process of achieving organizational objectives.
  • Working with decision makers in the organization: Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer, the relevant power and authority in relationships.
  • Running PR Department: the most effective KPIs to be used "Key Performance Indicators".
  • Internal Communications: potential, existing and former employees at all levels.
  • Role of Public Relations in Change Management.
  • Department of External Relations - Stakeholders, Clients, NGOs, and Reputation Management.
  • Relations with industrial sector institutions and government institutions. The structure of the parliamentary system, Bureaucracy, and the mechanisms of pressure.
  • Implications of Corporate Social Responsibility "CSR".

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