This course, provided by the British Academy for Training and Development, focuses on practical PR & Lobbying skills for Communication Managers. Trainees will learn to prepare Pressure Strategies and implement PR campaigns, by online accumulation of alliances and influential tactics. Participants will also be able to develop their personal skills in Media Persuasion through video workshops.

Understanding the necessary stages to be undertaken to ensure positive results when trying to gain influence, which is important to the success of any internal pressure strategy. Pressure Groups are a type of groups that some individuals or groups in the community use to form or join in order to influence their public policy on specific issues. Political literature, therefore, often defines Pressure Groups as "organizations that influence decision-makers" by lobbying the government for concessions, and even direct or indirect influence the government for specific decisions or actions.

This course focuses on how to develop public relations to become better business leaders, and take a more comprehensive approach that can be called "Reputation Management". The course will also focus on how to develop organizational, managerial and brand contacts so that a consistent value-based approach can be found that can be aligned with the brand strategy.

Objectives and target group

The British Academy for Training and Development provides this course for the following audience:

  • Professionals occupying Senior Positions who aspire to further excellence and innovation.
  • Officials authorized to control and supervise Pressure Management or PR campaigns.

How will participants benefit from the course?

  • Developing a PR strategy that integrates Public Relations activities with the corporate Business Strategy.
  • Developing a Lobbying Campaign aims at shaping both Corporate Policy and Legislative Process.
  • Best Practices of dealing with the media and using their influence as part of the lobbying campaign.
  • Conducting an Online Pressure Campaign using key social media tools and other media platforms.
  • Developing a Pressure Strategy that integrates both public affairs with Corporate Business Strategy.

Course Content

  • Practical practices of Public Affairs: The most effective tools and methods.
  • Planning and organizing of PR Campaigns.
  • Dealing with the Media in the course of Lobbying Campaigns.
  • PR Strategies over the Internet.
  • Practical training: Management of PR & Lobbying Campaigns.

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