Planning, Mobilization, and Management of PR Campaigns


This course, provided by the British Academy for Training and Development, aims to help trainees understand how to build positive perceptions and maintain reputation with the public and stakeholders, for development of well-planned and implemented PR campaigns, in order to enhance and increase the organizational value. This will be learned by adopting Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving approaches in the process of Campaign Strategic planning, to develop the trainees' skills in assessing, solving, monitoring, and managing the crisis, to ensure time and effort are best invested to generate effective results.

Understanding the necessary stages to be undertaken to ensure positive results when trying to gain influence, which is important to the success of any internal pressure strategy. Pressure Groups are a type of groups that some individuals or groups in the community use to form or join in order to influence their public policy on specific issues. Political literature, therefore, often defines Pressure Groups as "organizations that influence decision-makers" by lobbying the government for concessions, and even direct or indirect influence the government for specific decisions or actions.

Objectives and target group

  • Communication Managers and PR professions.
  • Senior Directors in institutions and Key Administrative personnel.
  • Operation Managers, Project Managers, Boards Of Directors and Corporate Executive Directors.

How will participants benefit from the course?

After completion of the program, trainees will be able to master the following:


  • Usage of best techniques to monitor and measure Public Opinion to improve the company's image and culture.
  • Master effective planning and implementation of Promotional and Advertising Campaigns.
  • Learn how to research and conduct Delphi Methods for Planning and Forecasting.
  • Learning the challenges and understanding the rules governing Public relations to ensure compliance.
  • Mastering the methods of Crisis Management and Combating Rumors.
  • Studying Public Opinion through a wide range of topics.
  • Proper determination of where public opinions or attitudes come from.
  • The ability to conduct Comprehensive Surveys on the course related topics.
  • Learning how to interpret the results of surveys and the best usage of such data and information, in order to manage crises, and to develop PR plans that lead to positive results.
  • How to convert survey data, into understandable and self-explanatory information.

Course Content

  • Evolution of PR process and strategies.
  • Perceptions and issues of PR campaign Management.
  • Effective Public Relations campaigns.
  • Planning and preparations of proper PR surveys.
  • Campaign Management operations and techniques.
  • PR: Influence, Credibility, and Crisis Management.
  • Public Relations Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • Understanding the various elements and aspects of Public Opinion.
  • The significance of Public Opinion.
  • Major pillars of Public Opinion, Public Relations and Media Strategies.
  • Models and theories of Communication.
  • Management and Best Practices of PR in the real world.
  • Crisis and Risk Management.
  • Communication Crisis.

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Course Cost

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