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This is a specialized Management program in marketing with special focus on marketing as the core business function. It encompasses the basic principles of marketing management.

It enables the candidate to capture the dynamic realities of the market place while emphasizing on consumer behaviour, market research and other elements of marketing and sales management.

It is a program which should be done by candidates who wants to understand the marketing management fundamentals and purse their career in marketing and sales management.


Who is it for?

The course is ideal for those who need knowledge and understanding of the full range of core marketing subjects and a qualification that is highly respected by employers in all sectors, for workplace progression or as preparation for a higher level qualification, such as a Masters level course.


Benefits after course:

The program focuses on developing marketing management skill as required in the today's competitive industry.

• The program has been designed taking into consideration the needs of both working professional as well as fresher.

• Experienced faculty members include experts from the industry and academia.


Diploma Modules:

• Principles of Management

• Marketing Management

• Business Communication

• Marketing Research

• Consumer Buyer Behaviour

• Advertising & Sales Promotion

• Information Technology for Management

• Sales Force Management

• Strategic Management

• International Marketing

• There are no examinations.


What Do you get?

On successfully completing this Professional Program of Study you will:

- Be awarded the Diploma on Project Management accredited by BATD Academy.

- Comprehensive Course Materials

- A discount of 40% for all our courses worldwide valid for 1 year.

- Apple or Samsung Tablet.

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