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A course on excellence and creativity in customer service

This post is a training course from the British Academy for Empowerment Training. To be a useful organization, every employee should recognize the importance of making clients one of the biggest. Everyone who works in the organization and communicates with internal or external clients will learn how their roles, attitudes, and interactions can be seen. This course will focus on identification and modeling

Target group of the course:

People who want to develop their abilities, knowledge and skills in customer service.
All employees in companies, sales personnel, managers, and supervisors in the organization.

Training content

What is Customer Service?
Contribution to service culture.
Positive language communication.
Non-linguistic communication in customer service.
Listen to customers.
Customer service and their behavior.
Dealing with critical confrontations with customers.
Customer service in different environments.
Encourage customer loyalty.
Service recovery.

The course will be held in London for 5 training days starting on 12 November 2018